Nashville Business Litigation Lawyer

Larry R. Williams, PLLC, specializes in handling complex business litigations, from high-value asset division to maneuvering Social Security disability appeals. Larry R. Williams, his son Jonathan Williams, and their staff of highly trained attorneys are experts at providing counsel for business disputes involving other individuals, businesses, or government agencies.

As a law firm that handles all aspects of the law, we’re highly trained and qualified to deal with every type of business litigation, including:

Our skilled business litigation attorneys have a long history of successful evaluations and resolutions in front of state and federal courts, mediators, and arbitrators. Our attorneys remain cool under pressure, using over 35 years of experience in Tennessee law to maintain a high level of field expertise. We’ve represented leaders in many different industries, proving again and again that a family-owned law firm provides the most in-depth and personal litigation services in the business.

Services We Offer

When it comes to managing business litigations, the professionals at Larry R. Williams, PLLC have the experience and personal connections necessary for success. We’ve created a solid community around our law firm, established in Nashville but spreading its reach throughout the middle Tennessee region, and we know how to resolve disputes to suit the best interests of our clients.

Our firm understands that a client’s business strategy, financial plan, and company profile are all critical in resolving litigation matters. We always listen to what our clients’ have to say completely, so we can act in their best interest moving forward. No problem is too tough for our attorneys to solve. Our extensive list of successful business litigations attests to our skill and finesse in securing settlements for our clients beyond what they thought possible.

Earning a reputation in Nashville has caused more and more clients to come to us for complex business litigations, including:

  • Breach of contract.
  • Business torts and class actions.
  • Private deals.
  • Bad faith litigation.
  • Privacy and cybersecurity.
  • Insurance disputes.
  • Partner disputes.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.

In every type of business litigation, our firm can resolve urgent business matters in a cost-efficient and effective way that follows the projected goals of our clients. Our commitment to the client is what sets our firm apart from the rest in the community and drives us to stay dedicated to exceptional service. Larry R. Williams’ success in the courtroom pioneered how the rest of his firm handles business litigations – with dexterity, skill, and fortitude.

Trust Us With Your Complicated Business Litigation

Business clients have come to us with their most important, high-stakes business disputes because they know we deliver a focused and one-on-one interaction that gets straight to the point. We work closely with our clients to understand their personal business objectives and devote our time to reworking the litigation until our client is satisfied. The depth of our focus extends far into complex commercial disputes, and we always manage to come up with fitting solutions.

Our firm doesn’t turn away from large-scale, high-risk business litigation. Our knowledge of the legal field, combined with our capacity to use innovative resolution methods, places us in the best position to meet our client’s ideal result. If you need a unique, engaging, and hardworking team of business litigation attorneys, contact us today to discuss your case. We’re proud to have earned our clients’ trust over the years and to have earned the reputation of a dependable firm in middle Tennessee. Trust attorneys who understand business before engaging someone to handle your business litigation. Trust Larry R. Williams, PLLC.