Power of Attorney in Nashville

The phrase “power of attorney” refers to the legal right of a person to make medical and financial decisions on behalf of someone else. Written terms within the authorization form define the limitations and responsibilities of a power of attorney. In Tennessee, Section 34 of our state code governs power of attorney and lists its related provisions.

At the Nashville law firm of Larry R. Williams, PLLC, we’ve been writing up power of attorney authorization forms and giving legal advice to those involved in power of attorney situations for the last 35 years. Our attorneys understand the formal requirements, agent’s rights and duties, durable power of attorney, revocation, and other facts surrounding this legal obligation, and we can help you navigate any power of attorney circumstance. 

Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

Signing a power of attorney for finances is a great idea if you have any property or income, regardless of its worth. Power of attorney is especially important if you have health problems that you fear will affect your own ability to handle financial matters in the future. A power of attorney ensures someone you trust will manage the financial tasks that arise if an accident renders you incapacitated.

A power of attorney will dutifully handle your monthly bills, expenses, tax payments, bank deposits, and insurance paperwork. Powers of attorney also take care of property repairs and small business or investment management. Creating a durable power of attorney prevents your assets from depreciating, and your debts from accumulating.

If you don’t have a power of attorney at the time of your incapacitation, a judge will name someone for you during an expensive court proceeding. Your loved ones have to ask the court to affirm you are unable to manage your own affairs – a process that can be uncomfortable since it introduces the public to your private business. If your loved ones disagree about who your power of attorney should be, it can prolong the court process and cause fighting during an already difficult time.

By appointing a power of attorney while you’re of sound mind and body, you can be certain of the proper management of your assets if you’re injured. You’ll also effectively prevent costly and difficult court interventions. There are no downfalls to appointing a power of attorney, except perhaps if your decision angers other people in your family. But these people will face an uphill battle if they try to argue against your decision in court.

For More Information About Power of Attorney in Tennessee

Your power of attorney doesn’t have to be a professional or legal representative – most are family members or trusted friends. There are several factors to consider when deciding on your power of attorney. It’s best to consult with an expert lawyer before creating your power of attorney to ensure you’re making the best choice you possibly can.

At Larry R. Williams, PLLC, we’ve helped people navigate Tennessee state codes regarding power of attorney for years, and we proudly give our expert advice to clients who don’t know how to proceed. Larry R. Williams, his son Jonathan Williams, and their compassionate staff are experts at handling difficult power of attorney situations in the Nashville area. If you fear family fights, our attorneys are ready to speak with your family from a professional level to defend your decision.


When it comes to taking a power of attorney case to court, the lawyers at our firm know how to stand up against those who may challenge you for their right to manage your property (i.e., an ex-spouse). We’re here for you to reach anytime you need to during your power of attorney creation for expert advice. Get in touch with our firm about how to create your durable power of attorney and start securing your future today.