Doctors Are Crucial When Applying for Disability Benefits

Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can provide financial stability to someone with a temporary or permanent disability. Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can provide up to $698 a month in Tennessee. During the application process for disability benefits, help from a physician can make a big difference. A doctor can help you streamline the process and get the most for your disability.

Doctors Can Determine Whether You Qualify for Benefits

The first step in seeking SSD or SSI benefits is to find out if you qualify. The SSA uses the Social Security Blue Book to make disability determinations. The Blue Book lists disabling conditions and disorders that are eligible for Social Security benefits. An SSA representative will compare your medical diagnosis in your application with the list of disabilities in the Blue Book to see if you qualify.

Disabilities in the Blue Book list aren’t always straightforward or easy to identify. Many entries for disorders are lengthy and confusing. A doctor can help you discover whether or not the Blue Book lists your condition. You will first need an official diagnosis, complete with the results of diagnostic tests. In many cases, disability classifications rely on exact numbers from these tests. A physician is the only person who can provide you with these tests, as well as help you match your disability to one in the Blue Book, if applicable.

Doctors Can Prove Your Disability or Medical Condition

The SSA requires indisputable proof of your disability. That proof must be in the form of medical tests and documentation of your disorder or disability to show that you aren’t fraudulently requesting benefits. The only place you can get this evidence is from a physician. Furthermore, a physician can schedule new tests if your last ones were too long ago to serve as proof with the SSA. A physician can help you gather medical information and evidence to help strengthen your SSD or SSI application.

Doctors Can Give You a Written Testimony

There’s no such thing as too much evidence when it comes to proving your Social Security Disability case. The SSA advises all applicants to get written statements from their physicians supporting the severity of your condition. Written letters from physicians or therapists who treat you (as well as anyone else with knowledge of your condition, such as your employer) can serve as evidence to strengthen your case.

A doctor’s written testimony will generally include a brief overview of your diagnosis and medical history, an explanation of exactly how and why you’re disabled, what your limitations are in terms of mobility or employment, and why the physician thinks you require benefits. Almost nothing holds more weight in an SSD case than a strong written testimony from a physician. Ask your doctor to provide a letter recommending you as a SSD/SSI benefits recipient.

Doctors Can Answer Questions or Concerns You May Have

Discovering you have a disabling condition can be a difficult time in your life. Finding a doctor you can trust and have confidence in can make all the difference in your experience. A good doctor will have information about the Tennessee Social Security system, and may be able to offer assistance during the application process. A doctor can answer any questions you have about your diagnosis, tests results, or degree of disability. If you have any issues with your disability or the application process, your doctor can serve as a confidant and source of information.

Need More Assistance? Talk to an Attorney

Don’t try to apply for disability benefits in Tennessee without a doctor’s assistance. You will need a doctor for many stages of the SSA application process, and your case will be stronger if you work with a physician right from the beginning. If there are any questions or problems a physician can’t work out with your case, seek help from a Nashville personal injury attorney near you. An attorney can simplify the claims process and fight for the benefits you deserve.