Common Causes of Merging Accidents

Merging is a fairly advanced driving skill. Anytime two streams of traffic combine into a single lane, drivers must understand right-of-way laws and how they apply to these particular scenarios. Unfortunately, because merging is complex and involves several tasks at once, accidents during a merging procedure are not uncommon. Here, we want to review some… read more

What Commonly Causes Nashville T-Bone Accidents?

T-bone accidents, sometimes referred to as side impact collisions, often result in devastating injuries and significant property damage for those involved. T-bone, or broadside collisions, can occur due to a variety of reasons, often as a result of the negligent or careless actions of one or more drivers on the roadway. Here, we want to… read more

What are Tennessee’s Car Insurance Requirements?

Every state sets the amount of auto insurance every driver is responsible for carrying in order to remain legal on the roadway. All drivers must be insured. If you are a new driver in Tennessee, it is important to understand the car insurance requirements so that you remain protected in the event an accident occurs…. read more

Nashville’s Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims in our area arise in a wide variety of ways, almost too many to count. However, there are specific types of injury claims that occur more often than others in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Here, we want to review the five most common personal injury claims individuals are likely to encounter in… read more

What is the Average Car Accident Settlement Worth?

If you or a loved one sustains an injury or property damage as a result of a vehicle accident caused by another driver, you deserve compensation. However, how much compensation is the average car accident settlement worth in Tennessee? Car accident claims can be incredibly challenging, particularly when going up against aggressive insurance carriers. Here,… read more

Fall Safe Driving Tips for Nashville Drivers

Fall driving in Tennessee shouldn’t be different than any other season, right? Well, every season is different, particularly in Tennessee, so you should adjust your driving behavior accordingly. The Fall brings several distinct challenges for drivers that we want to discuss. Whether you want to head out and see some falling leaves or simply get… read more

Explaining the Dangers of Speeding

Speeding injures and takes lives. We have incredible responsibilities when it comes to operating motor vehicles. These are vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds and can travel at high rates of speed, so any irresponsible behavior can lead to major injuries and property damage. Speeding is a leading cause of vehicle accident injuries and deaths… read more

How to File a Dog Bite Report in Tennessee

If you or somebody you care about sustains a dog bite injury in Tennessee, you might be confused at first about what steps to take next. It is imperative that you file a dog bite report with law enforcement officials or with animal control in your area. Having an incident report can serve a few… read more

Does Renters Insurance Cover Dog Bites in Tennessee?

Dog bites are not uncommon, but they can lead to major medical expenses for a victim. In many cases, dog bite injury victims are able to recover compensation for their losses from the dog’s owner, often through a claim against their insurance carrier and with the help of a Nashville dog bite attorney. Homeowners’ insurance… read more

Can Breed Affect the Outcome of a Dog Bite Case?

Every dog owner has a responsibility to ensure that their pet does not affect the safety of others. When dog bite injuries occur, victims are often able to recover compensation, but dog bite cases can be challenging. Here, we want to examine whether or not the breed of a dog can affect the outcome of… read more