Most Dangerous Intersections in Nashville

Our firm is dedicated to helping people recover from serious injuries. However, our commitment to the safety of our community led us to ask; how can we help people before they need to step foot in our office? We wanted to find out where Nashville residents are exposed to the highest risk of collision and… read more

Christmas Car Wreck?? Ba-Hum-Bug.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Christmas Eve has the third-highest incidence of crash deaths related to alcohol. It is no surprise that the season between Black Friday and Christmas has an increased number of car wrecks. All that holiday cheer that people are consuming, the frantic last minute shoppers and the all-around… read more

Need a Superlawyer? Call Jonathan Williams

LRW Law Office is proud to announce that for the 4th straight year, Superlawyers has named Jonathan Williams a 2016 Superlawyer Rising Star. Only 2.5% of attorneys receive this designation but after a rigorous selection process Jonathan was informed he received the honor. When asked about his title, “Jonathan Williams – Rising Star” Jonathan said… read more

Car Wreck? Take A Picture.

If you are involved in a car wreck it may be helpful to take photographs. Once you have ensured your safety and the safety of any passengers or other drivers involved in the car wreck you may want to get your smartphone out and snap some shots of the accident scene. Assuming you are physically… read more

Successful Outcome: How We Won Benefits for a Young Girl Involved in a Tragic Car Wreck

Our Social Security attorneys are skilled at presenting evidence of your injuries to get you the best result. We have experience working with all types of disability claims and our experience as personal injury attorneys gives us a better understanding of long-term damages that you may experience. A recent case we handled required extensive due… read more

Top 3 Most Memorable Law Firm Ads

We searched the internet to find the most memorable law firm advertisements out there. Here is what we found: “Talons of Justice”. This compilation video by CNN of the now famous (thanks to social media) ad campaign pays tribute to the evolution of The Texas Law Hawk and the unforgettable screech. With over 1,000,000 views… read more

Car Wreck? Jonathan Williams is your Nashville Personal Injury Attorney

Did you know that Nashville car wrecks cause more injury, death and economic loss than any other crime or civic injury? According to the Accident Data Center, there is a car wreck almost hourly in our city. As long standing personal injury attorneys in Middle Tennessee we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients… read more

Does my psoriasis qualify me for Social Security Benefits?

Skin disorders can be painful and debilitating. Fortunately, Social Security recognizes that certain skin disorders may be disabling and should be considered for benefits. According to Social Security Administration, eligible disability cases regarding skin disorders are those that involve multiple body sites or critical body areas that lead to extreme limitation in use of your… read more

75% of People Are Denied SSD Benefits on their 1st Application – Try Again!

You’ve submitted your application for benefits, completed all required forms and have been diligently attending doctor’s appointments related to your injury or illness; and yet you receive a letter in the mail from the Social Security Disability office that states you have been denied benefits. This can be disheartening, frustrating and may cause you to… read more

Your Car Insurance Costs What??

When you are looking to buy a new car you don’t often think “well, how much will it cost to insure?”. With increases to the cost of living the cost of insurance may become a factor to consider. We all know that car insurance varies from vehicle to vehicle, but did you know it varies… read more