AAA Opposes Proposed Bill Relaxing Helmet Requirements for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents can be deadly or life-altering. Wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the risk of head injuries and fatalities in such crashes.  News Channel 5 reports that Tennessee lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that would allow certain motorcyclists to ride without helmets.  AAA, a prominent supporter of traffic safety, opposes this proposal…. read more

Can You Sue An Uninsured Driver?

According to data available from the Insurance Information Institute, we can see that Tennessee is ranked third for the most uninsured drivers in the country, with approximately 23.7% of all drivers operating without insurance period this is a major problem for Tennessee drivers. Recovering compensation after being involved in an uninsured driving accident is challenging,… read more

Can A Mechanic Be Responsible For Your Car Accident? 

We depend on our vehicles, and we depend on them running correctly. Unfortunately, there are times when vehicles break down. When we bring our vehicle to a mechanic, we trust that they will fix the problem appropriately. Unfortunately, there may be times when a mechanic makes a mistake or fails to address the issue adequately…. read more

Tennessee Lawmakers Propose New Distracted Driver Law

Tennessee lawmakers have introduced new legislation to combat distracted driving, a growing problem in Tennessee. In fact, Tennessee has the highest rate of distracted driving deaths in the nation, nearly five times the national average. Our lawmakers are starting to take notice. Tennessee state senator Mark Pody and state representative Clark Boyd filed a bill… read more

Which Vehicle Headlights Are Illegal in Tennessee?

The state of Tennessee requires all vehicles to have working headlights, per Tennessee Codes Title 55, Motor and Other Vehicles. Drivers can certainly be pulled over and ticketed for not having operating headlights, but what types of headlights are illegal in Tennessee? It is important to understand these laws because there are many retailers, both… read more

Tennessee Car Seat Laws

If you operate a vehicle in Tennessee and have younger children on board, then you need to understand the car seat laws for this state. The safety of your children is of the utmost importance, and this is reflected by the laws put in place by the state legislature. Here, we want to review car… read more

Reporting An Unsafe Truck Driver in Tennessee

Drivers who operate large commercial trucks have an incredibly important job. Not only are they responsible for delivering goods across the country, but they also are responsible for ensuring the safe operation of vehicles that are magnitudes larger than traditional passenger cars. When a truck driver operates unsafely, it may be necessary to report them…. read more

What To Do If Your Airbags Fail To Deploy

We depend on our airbags to work correctly so that they can prevent injuries in the event an accident occurs. Unfortunately, there are times when airbags are defective and fail to deploy. Here, we want to review the steps you can take if the airbags in your vehicle fail to deploy when an accident occurs…. read more

Ways To Prevent Blind Spot Motorcycle Accidents

Blind spots are present in just about any type of vehicle, which means every driver must be attentive not only to their own surroundings but also remain aware when they enter into other drivers’ blind spots. This is particularly important for motorcyclists. Due to their size, motorcyclists are much more likely to end up in… read more

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Tennessee

Motorcyclists must be vigilant when they are on the roadways of Tennessee. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than other drivers on the roadway because they lack the protections afforded to others by their vehicles. Here, we want to examine some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Tennessee. Motorcycle Crashes in Tennessee… read more