Pedestrian accident

What is “Inattentive Blindness”?

Pedestrian accidents are a rising problem everywhere in the United States, including right here in Tennessee. Over the last decade, most states have passed stringent laws related to driving while distracted. In many states, it is illegal to text and drive or talk on the phone without a hands-free device. But what about when we… read more

Hiking Safety Tips

Many Americans enjoy hiking for exercise and leisure, and it’s crucial to know a few basic safety tips before setting out on any hike. Even if you are very familiar with a hiking path or the location where you intend to hike, taking a few precautions will greatly reduce the chances of suffering serious injuries…. read more

Why Are Teenagers Often Involved in Pedestrian Accidents?

In 2017, 1,699 pedestrians in Tennessee experienced traffic collisions (405 in Davidson County alone). A large percentage of these pedestrians were likely children and teenagers, based on statistical trends. Pedestrian accidents are the fifth-leading cause of death for children and teens ages five to 19, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. Why are teenagers so prone… read more