Eminent domain and condemnation

Franklin to Condemn Property on Hillsboro Road and Mack Hatcher

Condemnation is a constant fear for many homeowners and businesses in Franklin and Brentwood. Williamson County’s growth leads to bigger, wider roads. The Tennessean reports that the City of Franklin has approved plans to condemn property along Hillsboro Road Mack Hatcher Road in Williamson County so that it can be widened. Our condemnation and eminent… read more

City of Brentwood ordered to pay landowner after condemning land in Williamson County

Some people don’t know that our Nashville law firm represents landowners in middle Tennessee condemnation cases. Here is an example of a recent case: The City of Brentwood condemned .76 acres on the hilltop of George Cawthon’s Brentwood property for the purposes of constructing a 2.5 million gallon concrete water tank. The land was vacant… read more