Construction Accident

Can You File a Lawsuit for a Ladder Injury?

Individuals often sustain various types of injuries as a result of mishaps with a ladder. Ladder accidents can occur in various locations, including a private residence or a work site. If you or someone you care about has sustained a ladder injury, you may be able to file a lawsuit depending on the circumstances surrounding… read more

What Are The Most Common Injuries on a Construction Site?

Construction sites present a multitude of hazards for workers and even for bystanders nearby. However, those who work construction jobs day in and day out do face increased risks above and beyond what other workers experience. There are certain injuries that tend to crop up more than others when it comes to construction sites, and… read more

What are the Hazards Of Asphalt?

Asphalt is a construction material derived from petroleum and is used in many different ways. This includes paving roadways as well as roofing and siding materials. Many people do not realize that heated asphalt presents serious hazards to workers. Those who work with asphalt, as well as their employers, must understand the dangers of the… read more

Cold Weather Impacts Construction Workers

Construction workers face challenges each day when they go to work. The industry is riskier than others, and construction workers are injured more often than those in other types of jobs. During the latest reporting year in the US, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that 20.7% of all workplace fatalities were employees… read more