Truck Accidents

How Different Is the Truck Accident Claim Process?

The process for securing compensation after a commercial trucking accident is different than the typical vehicle accident claims process in Tennessee. Even though, in theory, these two processes would not be much different, the reality is that there are several factors that present complications. There Are More Parties Involved in the Truck Accident Claims Process… read more

Tennessee Truck Driver Laws & Regulations

Drivers who operate or own commercial trucks understand that there are significant federal and state regulations they must adhere to. In most cases, states follow the regulations set forth at the federal level, but there are a few laws specific to Tennessee that truck drivers and owner-operators need to be aware of. It is crucial… read more

Tennessee Road Safety Laws

Any individuals who live in Tennessee or plan on driving through the state must understand some of the most basic safety laws. Whether we are discussing distracted driving, speeding, or safety in a construction zone, the following ten laws we want to summarize in Tennessee help increase overall safety for residents, workers, and visitors alike…. read more

How to Drive Around Trucks and Avoid an Accident

Large commercial trucks are particularly abundant on most Tennessee roadways. However, accidents involving these vehicles can be particularly severe for those inside traditional passenger vehicles involved. It is crucial to take the steps necessary to remain safe when operating on the roadway around larger commercial trucks. Use Your Defensive Driving Skills Defensive driving is critical… read more

How Employer Liability Works In A Trucking Accident

Accidents involving larger commercial trucks are often devastating for those inside passenger vehicles. Commercial trucks can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds when they are fully loaded, and they are much bigger than traditional passenger cars. It is crucial for victims to hold truck drivers and trucking companies responsible if their negligence caused the crash. Sometimes,… read more

Types Of Damages Available After a Truck Accident

Accidents involving larger commercial trucks often result in significant injuries and property damage expenses. When these incidents occur due to the careless or negligent actions of another party, victims should be able to recover various types of compensation for their losses. Here, we want to examine the various types of compensation typically available in these… read more

Understanding Federal and State Trucking Regulations: A Guide for Truck Drivers and Carriers

Commercial vehicles are regulated at both the state and federal levels. For commercial trucks that operate across state borders (interstate), federal regulations typically override state regulations, though Tennessee and federal regulations are fairly closely aligned. Trucks that operate only within Tennessee State borders (intrastate) must abide by Tennessee commercial truck regulations. Federal Commercial Trucking Regulations… read more

The Importance of Truck Driver Training and Certification: How it Can Prevent Accidents on the Road

Commercial truck drivers are the lifeblood not only of Tennessee but also of the entire country. Commercial truck drivers help ensure that our residents and visitors have the goods and supplies they need on a daily basis. Here, we want to examine truck driver training and certification, in particular looking at the minimum requirements required… read more

Reporting An Unsafe Truck Driver in Tennessee

Drivers who operate large commercial trucks have an incredibly important job. Not only are they responsible for delivering goods across the country, but they also are responsible for ensuring the safe operation of vehicles that are magnitudes larger than traditional passenger cars. When a truck driver operates unsafely, it may be necessary to report them…. read more

Tips on Driving a Semi-Truck During the Winter

Operators of large commercial trucks have significant responsibilities. These vehicles are much larger than traditional cars on the roadway, so any misstep could lead to significant injuries or property damage. The situation can become even more precarious in the winter, particularly when there is a chance of snow or ice. Here, we want to offer… read more