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Tennessee Insurance FAQs

Certain forms of insurance are mandatory in the state of Tennessee. It is up to you as a driver, boater, and homeowner to carry the correct amounts of required insurance at all times. Auto insurance is especially important, as Tennessee is an at-fault insurance state. This means the driver at fault for a collision will… read more

What Are the Limits of the Attorney-Client Privilege?

The attorney-client relationship is one of the strongest and most confidential professional affiliations. When someone retains an attorney, that attorney enters into a legally-binding agreement in which he or she cannot disclose the client’s secrets or information to others. This agreement is the attorney-client privilege. Confidentiality is key in an attorney-client relationship, so that the… read more

Need a Superlawyer? Call Jonathan Williams

LRW Law Office is proud to announce that for the 4th straight year, Superlawyers has named Jonathan Williams a 2016 Superlawyer Rising Star. Only 2.5% of attorneys receive this designation but after a rigorous selection process Jonathan was informed he received the honor. When asked about his title, “Jonathan Williams – Rising Star” Jonathan said… read more

Top 3 Most Memorable Law Firm Ads

We searched the internet to find the most memorable law firm advertisements out there. Here is what we found: “Talons of Justice”. This compilation video by CNN of the now famous (thanks to social media) ad campaign pays tribute to the evolution of The Texas Law Hawk and the unforgettable screech. With over 1,000,000 views… read more

Does my psoriasis qualify me for Social Security Benefits?

Skin disorders can be painful and debilitating. Fortunately, Social Security recognizes that certain skin disorders may be disabling and should be considered for benefits. According to Social Security Administration, eligible disability cases regarding skin disorders are those that involve multiple body sites or critical body areas that lead to extreme limitation in use of your… read more

Your Car Insurance Costs What??

When you are looking to buy a new car you don’t often think “well, how much will it cost to insure?”. With increases to the cost of living the cost of insurance may become a factor to consider. We all know that car insurance varies from vehicle to vehicle, but did you know it varies… read more

$2,000 Scholarship In Support of Children of Police Officers

At LRW Law Firm we recognize the important role that police officers play in our community. As officers leave for work each day, they are risking their lives for the safety of the public. Without the law enforcement by our local police officers our community would be faced with the risks posed by speeders, drinking… read more

In Support of Our Olympic Athletes: Top 3 Game Faces So Far

As of today, the USA is leading the medal count with a total of 20 medals, 5 gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze. Not even halfway through the Rio Games and our country is dominating the medal race. There is no doubt our athletes are garnering international attention and accolades for their performances. But as… read more

A Client Review: This Is Why We Do It.

We have been personal injury attorneys for over 40 years and our attorneys are fueled by our clients’ satisfaction. We recently helped a client that was involved in a car wreck. An intoxicated driver negligently hit her. She didn’t deserve the injuries she suffered, nobody ever does. As injury attorneys, we were compelled to help… read more

New Look, Same Service: Larry R. Williams, PLLC

In November of 2015 the Nashville law firm Larry R. Williams, PLLC moved from the historic Barristers Building on Union Street to its new offices in the UBS Tower. We wanted our new office to reflect how our firm does business. Just like the legal services we provide, our new look is streamlined. We may… read more