Independence Day Safety Tips

Whether you’re celebrating America’s Independence by celebrating with family and friends, grilling out, or getting out of town, making safety first priority is the best way to avoid accidents and losses from ruining your holiday. Don’t think safety is a necessity for this independence holiday? Consider a few statistics compiled by WalletHub and NFPA:

•             67% of all annual fireworks injuries take place within a month of July 4th

•             On average, 800 people go to the emergency room with fireworks-related injuries

•             400 people are killed in Fourth of July car crashes each year

As you celebrate the Fourth of July do so by keeping you, your guests, and your home protected with these Independence Day safety tips:

 Sparklers & Fireworks:

 Always supervise young children and never allow them to handle lighters, matches, sparklers or fireworks. Also, do not point fireworks at yourself or others, especially while being lit. Never attempt to relight a “dud” and keep a supply of water or a fire extinguisher nearby as a precaution. Do we need to say this: Never light fireworks near homes, garages, buildings, or structures that could catch fire.

Grill Safety Tips:

Clean your grill before using, checking gas tank hose lines for leaks if grilling with propane. Always follow manufacturer recommendations for appropriate use of your grill. Keep your grill at least 10-feet away from structures and deck railings place it on stable ground and never leave a lit grill unattended. Be prepared to extinguish grease fires using baking soda (not water!) or a fire extinguisher or bucket of sand for all other fires.

Have a great and safe Fourth of July!