Motorcycle accidents

A Client Review: This Is Why We Do It.

We have been personal injury attorneys for over 40 years and our attorneys are fueled by our clients’ satisfaction. We recently helped a client that was involved in a car wreck. An intoxicated driver negligently hit her. She didn’t deserve the injuries she suffered, nobody ever does. As injury attorneys, we were compelled to help… read more

The Most Likely Car Wreck

Statistics have spoken. The most common type of car wreck in Tennessee has the following identifiers: Who: 21-29 Year Old Driver When: May to October: Thursday or Friday between 3-5pm Why: Tailgating or Not Staying In a Lane Statistically, we are at the start of car crash season. Over 2,500 crashes were reported in May… read more

An End To Distracted Driving

A recent study by Virginia Tech has found that drivers more than double their crash risk when they choose to engage in distracting activities that require them to take their eyes off the road. The study collected data from over 3,500 participants from 6 different locations across the United States. It was also found that… read more

I Was Injured In A Car Wreck: What Do I Do?

Don’t Leave the Scene: stay at the scene of the collision with your vehicle. Make sure you are in a safe place and out of danger. Turn your hazards on to notify other oncoming vehicles. Protect Your Health: call and wait for emergency responders, even if you think you are ok. Wait for the ambulance… read more

Superbowl Sunday + Valentine’s Day: 2 Common Days for Car Wrecks in Nashville

Did you know that there is a measurable increase in car accidents on Superbowl Sunday? This may seem to be common sense: more people out, more people drinking and all that frenzied excitement from a good game. But I bet you didn’t know that along with Superbowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day ranks as one of the… read more

What should you do if you are in a car accident?

Here is a quick reminder from Nashville car wreck and injury attorney Jonathan Williams of what to do if you are involved in an automobile accident. 1. Call the Police-Get an accident report from the police even if it seems minor. This can be critical to scene recreation if necessary. It also helps identify witnesses… read more

Tennessean Report: Nashville is Too Dangerous for Pedestrians

The Tennessean reported today that Nashville is one of the most dangerous metropolitan areas for pedestrians. You can read the article here. It includes the following report: A report released this week identified the Nashville metro area as one of the most dangerous for pedestrians. The study by Smart Growth America, an advocacy group on… read more

I was in a car wreck and the insurance company wants me to sign a medical release, what do I do?

If you have been injured in a car wreck, you have probably received forms from an insurance adjustor giving that at-fault driver’s insurance company access to your medical records. It happens in nearly every claim. Should you sign them? Probably not; at least not until you talk to an experienced injury attorney who handles car… read more

Deadly car wreck and motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Tennessee

The Tennessean reported today that the more than 300 people have died since January 1 this year on Tennessee roadways. Car wreck fatalities are up more than 13 percent for the same period last year. Prior to this year, the number of deaths from automobile collisions was declining. The article states that TDOT has identified… read more

Why did I receive mail from doctors and lawyers after my car accident?

The short answer is because the Tennessee accident report is a public record and they need work. Although there are ethical rules regarding attorney solicitation of this type of case, the rules do not out-right prohibit direct mail solicitation from a Tennessee attorney. If you have been injured in an automobile accident or motorcyle wreck… read more