Motorcycle accidents

Where do Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur in Tennessee?

Motorcyclists typically have a passion for what they do. However, riding a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous than traveling in a traditional passenger vehicle. Motorcyclists must remain vigilant when they are on the roadway because accidents caused by the actions of other drivers can occur. Here, we want to discuss where most motorcycle accidents occur… read more

AAA Opposes Proposed Bill Relaxing Helmet Requirements for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents can be deadly or life-altering. Wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the risk of head injuries and fatalities in such crashes.  News Channel 5 reports that Tennessee lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that would allow certain motorcyclists to ride without helmets.  AAA, a prominent supporter of traffic safety, opposes this proposal…. read more

Ways To Prevent Blind Spot Motorcycle Accidents

Blind spots are present in just about any type of vehicle, which means every driver must be attentive not only to their own surroundings but also remain aware when they enter into other drivers’ blind spots. This is particularly important for motorcyclists. Due to their size, motorcyclists are much more likely to end up in… read more

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Tennessee

Motorcyclists must be vigilant when they are on the roadways of Tennessee. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than other drivers on the roadway because they lack the protections afforded to others by their vehicles. Here, we want to examine some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Tennessee. Motorcycle Crashes in Tennessee… read more

Motorcycle Group Riding Safety Tips

Riding a motorcycle can be incredibly exhilarating, and this experience is fun to share with others. It is not uncommon for larger groups to get together for motorcycle rides throughout the state of Tennessee. It is important, however, to understand motorcycle group riding safety. Here, we want to discuss some motorcycle group riding safety tips… read more

Tennessee Motorcycle Insurance Requirements & Laws

If you are going to operate a motorcycle in the state of Tennessee, it is absolutely crucial to know the laws surrounding these vehicles. This includes understanding your responsibilities on the roadway as well as insurance requirements. Tennessee Motorcycle Insurance Requirements Just like operating a regular passenger vehicle in the state of Tennessee, every motorcyclist… read more

Who is At Fault in a “No Contact” Motorcycle Crash?

Accidents involving motorcycles can occur in a wide variety of ways. In some cases, these incidents even occur when there is no contact between the motorcycle and another vehicle directly. No contact motorcycle accidents are more common than most people realize, and they can lead to significant injuries, just like a regular collision. It is… read more

Who is At Fault in Most Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents can result in devastating injuries for those involved. This is particularly true for motorcycle drivers and passengers. Unfortunately, motorcyclists do not have the same level of protection that those inside traditional passenger vehicles have. In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, determining fault becomes a priority. Here, we want to discuss who ends… read more

What Time do Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

There are plenty of motorcyclists operating in the state of Tennessee, and they are passionate about what they do. Regardless of whether or not a person uses their motorcycle for their day-to-day transportation or for enjoying the scenery around the stage on the weekends, there is nothing quite like riding on a motorcycle. Here, we… read more

What Happens to Your Brain in a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating for those involved. Unfortunately, motorcyclists face a higher risk of sustaining head and traumatic brain injuries as a result of these incidents. The reality is that, even when a motorcyclist is wearing a helmet, they face a much higher risk of serious trauma to all parts of their body, including… read more