Bicycle accidents

Pokemon No…..More Accidents

If you haven’t heard of the nation’s newest addiction to Pokemon Go you must live under a rock. It seems this new craze is everywhere, even the New York Times wrote an article about it. Pokemon (from the 90’s), has made a Revenge of the Nerds style comeback and is infiltrating our world. Essentially, Pokemon… read more

An End To Distracted Driving

A recent study by Virginia Tech has found that drivers more than double their crash risk when they choose to engage in distracting activities that require them to take their eyes off the road. The study collected data from over 3,500 participants from 6 different locations across the United States. It was also found that… read more

I Was Injured In A Car Wreck: What Do I Do?

Don’t Leave the Scene: stay at the scene of the collision with your vehicle. Make sure you are in a safe place and out of danger. Turn your hazards on to notify other oncoming vehicles. Protect Your Health: call and wait for emergency responders, even if you think you are ok. Wait for the ambulance… read more

Tennessean Report: Nashville is Too Dangerous for Pedestrians

The Tennessean reported today that Nashville is one of the most dangerous metropolitan areas for pedestrians. You can read the article here. It includes the following report: A report released this week identified the Nashville metro area as one of the most dangerous for pedestrians. The study by Smart Growth America, an advocacy group on… read more

Franklin bicyclist seriously injured by careless driver

The Tennessean reports that a Franklin, Tennessee man was seriously injured when he was struck by a dump truck while riding a bicycle. As an experienced Nashville injury attorney, I have pursued several of these cases. A person on a bicycle is entitled to use a road just like someone in a car and he… read more