Car accidents

Who Is Responsible for Accidents With Student Drivers?

Everyone who is currently on the road had to learn how to drive at some point. Teens do not automatically become experts in driving on the day they turn 16. It takes learning, practice, and some trial and error to safely operate a motor vehicle and feel comfortable behind the wheel. Although driver’s education courses… read more

Can You File a Claim After a Hit-and-Run Accident?

Getting into a car accident is bad enough without the at-fault driver fleeing the scene to escape accountability. It is against the law in Tennessee to leave the scene of an accident before fulfilling one’s duties to the victims. These duties involve calling for help if someone has injuries and exchanging contact information. Unfortunately, some… read more

Why Didn’t My Air Bag Deploy in an Accident?

A vehicle’s air bags are some of the most important safety features to protect occupants in an accident. Air bags deploy rapidly inflating cushions to buffer a vehicle occupant’s impact with elements of the vehicle, such as the steering wheel or dashboard, in a car accident. Vehicle manufacturers design air bags to activate at the… read more

What Is Causing Neck & Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can cause a host of injuries and medical issues, and accidents that occur at high speeds have the greatest chance of causing catastrophic injuries. When a person experiences a car accident, he or she may walk away seemingly unscathed and then be unable to get out of bed the next day from aches… read more

How does my uninsured motorist policy really work after an accident?

Does your car insurance plan have “uninsured motorist” coverage? Do you know how this type of coverage works in Tennessee? You might be surprised to learn how it works! When you find yourself hit by an uninsured driver, or a driver without enough insurance to pay your claim, you may feel relieved when you remember… read more

How Do I Know if My Tires Need to Be Replaced?

Vehicle maintenance is critical to the safety of you, your passengers, and other people on the road. One of the most important forms of vehicle maintenance is regular tire replacement – the condition of your tires directly impacts how your vehicle operates on the road. Worn down tires can lead to skidding, blowouts, and dangerous… read more

What Happens in a Rental Car Accident?

If you are traveling in a rental car, you are likely enjoying a vacation or traveling for business. The last issue you want to worry about during these times is the possibility of a car accident – however, these incidents are very common and often unavoidable if you are not at-fault. How can you protect… read more

Why the First Rain Is So Dangerous for Car Accidents

Driving in the rain is hazardous for many drivers. However, the first rain after a period of dry weather can increase risks to most drivers on the road. The first rain and dangerous weather conditions can increase the effects of negligence on the road, leading to severe accidents, injuries, and death.  Drivers can follow certain… read more

What You Need to Know About Filing a Whiplash Claim

Whiplash is a common injury suffered by victims of car accidents. Many victims may ignore the symptoms, despite how they can severely impact their day-to-day lives. Whiplash can last for days, weeks, or even months following an accident. However, many insurance companies try to cast doubt upon victims with whiplash injuries – which is why… read more

What Are the Tennessee Right of Way Laws?

Pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of injury and death throughout Tennessee. Confusion about the right of way laws can cause many of these accidents, as well as driving under the influence, distracted driving, and other types of recklessness and negligence. To effectively avoid these accidents, Tennessee drivers and pedestrians alike can… read more