Car accidents

How does my uninsured motorist policy really work after an accident?

Does your car insurance plan have “uninsured motorist” coverage? Do you know how this type of coverage works in Tennessee? You might be surprised to learn how it works! When you find yourself hit by an uninsured driver, or a driver without enough insurance to pay your claim, you may feel relieved when you remember… read more

How Do Airbag Injuries Happen?

Airbags are important safety features of your vehicle. Designed to inflate upon serious impact, the airbag can prevent vehicle occupants from slamming into the steering wheel, car doors, or other vehicle parts in a collision. In 2015, frontal airbags saved an estimated 44,869 lives. Unfortunately, airbags aren’t perfect – the force of inflation and airbag… read more

Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Nashville, Tennessee sees an average rainfall of 47 inches per year, with around 119 rainy days total. The rainiest month in Nashville is May, during prime spring weather. Driving in the rain presents unique dangers to drivers, from slippery roadways to limited visibility. As a driver, it’s your responsibility to learn how to drive as… read more

Most Dangerous Intersections in Nashville

Our firm is dedicated to helping people recover from serious injuries. However, our commitment to the safety of our community led us to ask; how can we help people before they need to step foot in our office? We wanted to find out where Nashville residents are exposed to the highest risk of collision and… read more

Christmas Car Wreck?? Ba-Hum-Bug.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Christmas Eve has the third-highest incidence of crash deaths related to alcohol. It is no surprise that the season between Black Friday and Christmas has an increased number of car wrecks. All that holiday cheer that people are consuming, the frantic last minute shoppers and the all-around… read more

Car Wreck? Jonathan Williams is your dedicated and experienced legal counsel

Did you know that Nashville car wrecks cause more injury, death and economic loss than any other crime or civic injury? According to the Accident Data Center, there is a car wreck almost hourly in our city. As long standing attorneys in Middle Tennessee we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients injured in… read more

Are Uber Rides Uber Safe?

Over 15% of Americans have now experienced Uber, the car-sharing company that has been around for 6 years. As personal injury attorneys we have experience representing both drivers and passengers involved in Uber car wrecks. However, based on recent studies, Uber is a bittersweet reality for personal injury attorneys. It seems that Uber has actually… read more

Summer Heat and Road Trippin’ Safety

Forecasts for continued heat across Middle Tennessee mixed with typical summer storms are the perfect combination to produce hot and sweaty weather over the next week. Tennesseans may have adjusted to this summer weather but with the increase of tourists in our great city of Nashville it may be a good time to set out… read more

Pokemon No…..More Accidents

If you haven’t heard of the nation’s newest addiction to Pokemon Go you must live under a rock. It seems this new craze is everywhere, even the New York Times wrote an article about it. Pokemon (from the 90’s), has made a Revenge of the Nerds style comeback and is infiltrating our world. Essentially, Pokemon… read more

A Client Review: This Is Why We Do It.

We have been personal injury attorneys for over 40 years and our attorneys are fueled by our clients’ satisfaction. We recently helped a client that was involved in a car wreck. An intoxicated driver negligently hit her. She didn’t deserve the injuries she suffered, nobody ever does. As injury attorneys, we were compelled to help… read more