Social Security Disability

Rule Changes Could Lead to Social Security Disability Denials

Many people in Tennessee rely on the Social Security Disability program. However, a recently proposed rule change from the White House could significantly affect tens of thousands of people. The new rules that have been proposed would add more strict verification requirements for recipients of disability benefits. Here, we want to explore how these new… read more

SSI Benefits and COVID-19

During this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many people have asked if their Social Security benefits will be affected in any way. The good news is that if you are already the recipient of Social Security income, then your benefits will continue to arrive as normal. COVID-19 has not had any impact on the amount of money… read more

Advice for Disability Applicants: Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

The Social Security law defines disability as the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity (work for pay) due to a medically determinable physical or mental impairment which lasts for 12 continuous months or more. There must be documented medical proof of the condition and the condition must be so severe that you cannot… read more

Will a Settlement Affect Disability Benefits?

Many Americans rely on public assistance programs and disability benefits of various types to cover the cost of basic living expenses, medical treatment, and ongoing therapy. A disabled individual likely has countless benefits-related concerns at any given time, and a sudden personal injury can present a host of new challenges. Some may wonder whether receiving… read more

What Is Security Negligence?

Property owners in Tennessee owe special duties of care to keep their premises safe for visitors. In general, these duties require landowners to repair known defects, search for hidden hazards, and warn visitors of known dangers on a property. One of the risks a property owner must reasonably prevent is security breaches, such as robberies… read more

Common Questions to Prepare for at Your ALJ Hearing

In pursuing your disability benefits claim, expect the administrative law judge (ALJ) to ask questions at your hearing. The judge is attempting to assess your disability and how that affects your ability to work and carry on in your daily life. Being prepared beforehand to answer questions allows to answer those questions clearly. It also… read more

Can I Get Disability Benefits Even if My Condition Isn’t in the Disability “Blue Book?”

Qualifying for benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program may seem straightforward. If you suffer from one of the impediments the government lists in the “blue book” of impairments, Social Security benefits should cover you through these programs. However, even if the blue book doesn’t list your condition,… read more

75% of People Are Denied SSD Benefits on their 1st Application – Try Again!

You’ve submitted your application for benefits, completed all required forms and have been diligently attending doctor’s appointments related to your injury or illness; and yet you receive a letter in the mail from the Social Security Disability office that states you have been denied benefits. This can be disheartening, frustrating and may cause you to… read more

Tomorrow – April 7th – National Check Your Statement Day

It is National Social Security Week and tomorrow is National Check Your Statement Day. Your Social Security Statement will help you understand your retirement security. If you have a My Social Security account, you can simply log on and check your benefits. If you don’t you should consider setting on up. This account will allow… read more

COPD and Disability

Tennessee Social Security Disability attorney Ann Tycer is often asked to prove cases of disability involving COPD. This is a respiratory (lung) condition characterized by loss of pulmonary function making it very difficult to breath, which in turn makes working difficult if not impossible. Emphysema is a name frequently given to one type of COPD…. read more