Workers’ compensation

Do Employers Under-Report Serious Workplace Injuries?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) record and process workplace accident reports from employers all over the country. All employers have a duty to report workplace injuries, but OSHA has estimated that more than half of workplace injuries go unreported. OSHA implemented new reporting requirements in January 2015, yet many small and mid-size business… read more

What Is Occupational Asthma?

Some individuals are born with asthma, a respiratory condition that can make breathing difficult and often requires medical intervention. However, others may develop asthma over time because of their work environments. Occupational asthma causes the airways in the respiratory system to swell, limiting the flow of air through the lungs. It’s important to know which… read more

What Are Some Common Repetitive Stress Injuries That Can Occur in the Workplace?

Not all occupational injuries come from sudden, single accidents. Some develop more slowly, over months or years of carrying out the same, repetitive tasks at work. Working on an assembly line, lifting and moving boxes, or typing all day at a computer can all cause repetitive stress injuries over time. Employees in Tennessee can still… read more

What Are My Rights as a Construction Worker in Tennessee?

Construction is a prominent job market in Nashville. Thousands of construction workers clock in every day in Tennessee, expecting a typical day’s work. Sadly, not all workers will get to clock out. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 991 construction workers died on the job in the U.S. in 2016. Many others… read more

Video about workers’ compensation reform

I need your help to save Workers Compensation in Tennessee

Workers’ compensation protects seriously injured Tennesseans from losing everything. It is a compromise that has protected workers in our state since 1919 and it is under attack. Governor Bill Haslam has introduced legislation that will drastically reduce benefits and keep insurance companies from facing a judge in the courts by creating a purely administrative system,… read more

Congratulations to Debbie

Today, January 2, 2013 ends a more than 4 year battle for my client Debbie who was seriously injured when she fell at work in October of 2008. Her employer’s workers’ compensation carrier initially accepted responsibility and paid for her medical care. However, when she was released to return to work, her employer terminated her… read more

Will my employer be affected if file a Tennessee work comp claim for my on the job injury?

Recently I talked to a friend who had been hurt at work in Tennessee. He was in the hospital for three days. He asked me if he needed an attorney for a work comp claim and told me he was concerned about making his employer pay for his medical bills. He did not know that… read more

Work Comp Attorney Update: General Motors to Announce Details of Spring Hill Plant Startup

I previously posted that General Motors and the UAW ratified their agreement that included plans to bring back GM workers to the Spring Hill plant. Many of my GM employee clients have been waiting on this day. Some have retired, others have transferred and still others have been patiently waiting but eagerly anticipating more automobile… read more

GM and UAW Ratify Deal – Spring Hill Assembly Plant to Reopen

The United Auto Workers has announced that it has ratified its contract with General Motors. You can read about the deal announced today here. As part of this package, the GM assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee will re-open and hopefully our friends in the auto industry and all of the subsidiaries that supply GM… read more