Motorcycle Group Riding Safety Tips

Riding a motorcycle can be incredibly exhilarating, and this experience is fun to share with others. It is not uncommon for larger groups to get together for motorcycle rides throughout the state of Tennessee. It is important, however, to understand motorcycle group riding safety. Here, we want to discuss some motorcycle group riding safety tips so that you, your friends, and your family members can remain safe at all times.

Prepare Before the Ride

It is crucial to plan the trip before riding as a group. Riders need to fill their tank of gas and ensure their cell phones are charged in case of emergencies. It would be a good idea to have a small get-together beforehand to discuss how long the ride will occur, the ride strategy, and various stopping points along the way. At this meeting, you can also discuss the various hand signals the group needs to know.

Know Hand Signals

Knowing hand signals is important for group leaders because these signals send messages to the rest of the group about things ahead and the need to stop or slow down. There may also be various group signals for fuel stops, roadway hazards, or any other thing your group should be aware of.

Select a Group Lead and Sweep

Riding groups should consider letting the most experienced riders of the group lead and be the sweeper. The leader will be positioned at the front of the motorcycle group, and the sweep will ride at the back.

Keep the Size Manageable

Motorcycle riding groups should keep the group size manageable. What is considered manageable will likely vary depending on the experience of the group, but this typically includes about seven or eight riders. If the group is bigger than this overall, they should consider creating various subgroups.

Stagger Riding Formation

Staggering the riding formation is important. Even though you want to keep the motorcycle riding group relatively tight, there should be some distance maintained between riders to give motorcyclists time to brake or swerve if needed. A staggered formation is one where the leader will ride on the left side of the lane, and then the second rider will position themselves on the right side of the lane a few motorcycle links behind. This pattern will continue until the group is over.

Plan for Rider Separation

If a rider does get separated by the group, perhaps at a stoplight or as a result of some other road hazard, there should be a plan in place to let them catch up or to go back and find them. If a rider does fall back, the formation should have a plan to slow down to allow them to catch up.

Take Breaks

It is important to take some breaks. Try and plan a route where there are areas with restrooms and refreshments along the way so people can remain alert and comfortable throughout the entire writing experience.

Lane Splitting is Illegal

Lane splitting, the action of riding down the center white lane of two lanes of traffic going in the same direction, is illegal in the state of Tennessee. Even though there are studies that show benefits to lane splitting, state law has outlawed this type of behavior.

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