Where do Most Pedestrian Accidents Occur in Tennessee?

Pedestrian accidents are not uncommon on the roadways of Tennessee, but do you know where they are most likely to occur?

It is important to understand where pedestrians are most vulnerable because the truth is that, regardless of whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, these accidents can lead to significant setbacks. As we examine where pedestrian crashes are most likely to occur in TN, we want you to think about ways that you can increase your awareness to increase safety on the roadway.

Looking at the Rural-Urban Divide For Pedestrian Accidents

When we examine data available from the National Safety Council (NSC), we can see that there is a noticeable difference between pedestrian traffic injuries and deaths in rural areas versus urban areas. According to data available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the vast majority of pedestrian traffic deaths during a recent reporting year across the US occurred in urban settings (82%).

This makes sense, considering urban areas are where pedestrians and vehicles are more likely to come into close contact with one another. This includes crowded city streets and intersections. Cities are where individuals are more likely to be located on sidewalk areas, parking lots, and exiting alleyways and driveways.

However, we do not want any reader to take this to mean that pedestrian crashes do not occur in rural areas – they do. In fact, rural pedestrian crashes often result in more severe injuries when they occur because these are areas where drivers operate at higher speeds and may not expect to see any pedestrian on or around the roadway.

Examining Traffic Versus Non-Traffic Pedestrian Accidents

Data available from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) estimates that there were around 7,700 total pedestrian fatalities across the country during the most recent reporting year of data on file. This includes pedestrians involved in traffic as well as non-traffic incidents. Traffic incidents are exactly what they sound like – crashes that occur on public roads. The majority of pedestrian fatalities during the recent reporting year occurred in these types of crashes. However, approximately 1,500 total pedestrian fatalities occurred in non-traffic incidents in areas such as driveways, parking lots, or other types of private property.

Other Pedestrian Crash Data That Matters

Information from the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security shows that there were 1,473 total pedestrians involved in vehicle crashes during the latest reporting year across this state. When we look at a breakdown of the data, we can see that most of these incidents occurred in the more crowded counties, particularly Shelby and Knox counties. This is to be expected because this is where major cities are located.

Working With a Tennessee Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you or somebody you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident caused by the negligence of a driver in Tennessee, work with an attorney who can help with your case as soon as possible. A Nashville, TN pedestrian accident lawyer can get involved quickly in order to uncover all evidence needed to prove liability. They will thoroughly investigate the incident and make sure that you are evaluated by a trusted medical professional. A skilled lawyer will engage in vigorous negotiations with the insurance carrier of the at-fault driver in order to recover maximum compensation. They will also fully prepare the case for trial if necessary to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the entire process.