Nashville Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Many accidents involve spinal injuries – especially in Nashville truck accidents, car accidents involving pedestrians, or bicyclists. Davidson County traffic crashes involved 213 pedestrians in the last 10 years, often resulting in permanent injury or death. Spinal cord injuries are one of the most serious injuries a person can sustain and lead to permanent disability, paralysis, loss of brain function, and other severe ramifications. Every year, about 11,000 new spinal cord injuries occur.

People who suffer spinal cord injuries often have a difficult recovery. By securing a considerable settlement from the party responsible for the injury, the loved ones of a spinal cord injury victim will be able to pay for his or her medical care – including future care, since victims of some SCIs will never recover from those injuries. The team of Nashville accident attorneys at Larry R. Williams has experience representing those who are unable to represent themselves due to debilitating injuries. We fight hard to win negligence cases, and we know how important compensations can be to struggling victims and their families.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, diving accidents, trampoline accidents, and acts of violence are all potential causes of acute spinal cord injury (SCI). SCIs come in different forms and levels and affect different parts of the body in each situation. Some SCIs result in movement and sensation loss in all four limbs, while others damage only two limbs or the trunk of the body.

On top of loss of movement and sensation, SCI can also lead to other health issues, such as breathing, heart rate, digestive, bowel, and bladder problems. Rehabilitation potential may apply in a SCI case, but not always. The worst SCIs are fatal. Other levels of SCIs call for total dependence on others, majority dependence, and partial dependence. No level of SCI has potential for complete recovery.

Since many different accidents cause spinal cord injuries, there are many ways a single spinal cord injury case could look in Tennessee. Like other negligence cases, the plaintiff will need to prove the defendant acted negligently, that this negligence caused injury, and that the defendant could have avoided the accident. The amount of compensation the victim receives will depend on the extent of the spinal cord injury, who is at fault, what the victim’s future looks like, and other factors surrounding the accident.

Your Expert Nashville Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

Major accidents that affect the spine are often due to a property owner’s negligence to provide a safe workplace, driver negligence to take due care on roadways, and other at-fault negligence scenarios. Larry R. Williams and his small family-owned firm prides itself on being able to prove negligence in spinal cord injury cases and will leave no stone unturned to document a case to its fullest extent.

Our attorneys are highly trained in Tennessee personal injury law, and we know the court system well enough to secure significant settlements for victims of negligence. We’ve served the people in and around Nashville for 35 years, communicating with victims and their families during initial consultations, litigations, and the court process. We’re known in the area for our friendly and compassionate legal representation, but we’re aggressive when you need it most – in front of the judge. We don’t take negligence cases lightly and use expert resources to ensure we’re doing the best we can to secure a settlement for your damages.

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