Our Attorneys Have a Passion for the Predators

How does hockey help our attorneys? There isn’t an apparent link between hockey and being an Attorney. One could think, maybe its competition? Competition exists on the ice and in the courtroom. But in this instance it isn’t just the competition, there is a deeper connection between sport and a career in law: Passion.

When you look at some of the great entrepreneurs of our time, Steve Jobs of Apple or Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, it is apparent that they were not just passionate about what they did, they were passionate people. Steve Jobs is known for the “dent” he left on the universe but what may not be known is that his passion for calligraphy and design fueled his desire to create a better font for computers. The desire he had to make a better product was rooted in a deeper mission. Yvon Chouinard is one of the most successful, albeit eccentric, entrepreneurs of our time and has made it his mission to make every decision a decision that is best for the planet. He is driven by a passion for a bigger purpose, protecting the environment. In both instances, success in business came from transparency and a passionate commitment to their values.

It isn’t entirely clear what drew our attorney, Jonathan, to the game of hockey. Maybe it was the JW and Habs PaperJW and STanley Cupappeal of a competition or a sense of loyalty to his hometown Nashville Predators team. But one thing that is certain is that Jonathan is a diehard fan. Not just a typical Preds fan that wears gold on Saturdays but the “I am going to travel to Canada in the middle of winter to watch the Preds play” kind of fan. So where is the connection? What do hockey and being an attorney have in common? The common thread lies in the passion for continuous improvement that exists both on the ice in the NHL and in the office as an Attorney.

Anyone that knows Jonathan knows he is somewhat of a perfectionist. The desire for continuous improvement is apparent in all of his work and by anyone that has ever worked for or with him. This desire is fueled by providing a better service to his clients. Just how Richard Branson of Virgin wanted to bring passion for customer service into an industry that was known for a lack of it when he started the Virgin Banking services, Jonathan has a passion for bringing a different level of service to the legal industry. The services at Larry R. Williams, PLLC are fueled by Jonathan’s conviction that a better legal service is provided when clients are seen as people, not cases. If you have a car wreck or personal injury case, visit Jonathan today. Authentic Attorneys. Trusted Tradition. Real Relationships.