Christmas Car Wreck?? Ba-Hum-Bug.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Christmas Eve has the third-highest incidence of crash deaths related to alcohol. It is no surprise that the season between Black Friday and Christmas has an increased number of car wrecks. All that holiday cheer that people are consuming, the frantic last minute shoppers and the all-around frenzy of the holiday season only results in more traffic and as we know from past blogs, more traffic = more car wrecks.

We found an interesting article on that ran through some crazy Christmas car wrecks that we thought were worth sharing. Want a snapshot of the craziest Christmas wrecks recorded without having to read the article? We’ve done the reading for you; check out our list below:

1. Christmas Light Gazers Beware: 13 people were injured in Los Angeles after a man drove his truck into two parked vehicles, causing a domino effect and hitting a group of people who were standing on the sidewalk gazing at the twinkling lights.

2. The Road-Raged Frantic Shopper: car wrecks are 34% higher on Black Friday. 31% of those wrecks are in parking lots or back-logged traffic and the rest are due to exhausted shoppers. Moral of the story? Shopping is dangerous.

3. Snowmobile vs. Police Car: in 2016 a New York man was driving a bit too erratically when he accidentally crashed into a parked police car. The snowmobiler was not injured but the police car was.

4. The Old Sled Behind a Car Game: although it sounds fun, this is never a good idea. In 2015 a Michigan teen was being towed on a sled behind a car and died when his sled crashed into a tree.

5. Santa Causes Crash: a man dressed up as Santa Claus in Ohio caused a 3 car collision when he failed to yield at an intersection. Lesson Learned? Santa should stick to his sled.

We all love the holiday season here at Larry R. Williams, PLLC Attorneys at Law and we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.