Congratulations to Debbie

Today, January 2, 2013 ends a more than 4 year battle for my client Debbie who was seriously injured when she fell at work in October of 2008. Her employer’s workers’ compensation carrier initially accepted responsibility and paid for her medical care. However, when she was released to return to work, her employer terminated her and denied her any more medical treatment or other benefits. Needing help, Debbie turned to me to help her fight the insurance company.

I filed a workers’ compensation case in Nashville for Debbie. The insurance company, having originally agreed that Debbie was hurt at work, denied her claim and argued that she was entitled to nothing. After at least 10 depositions, including many experts, we had a three day trial resulting in a large judgment for Debbie. The case settled a few days later to avoid an appeal resulting in a $115,000 payment.

Not every case gets this involved. But some do, and when an insurance company treats an injured person like Debbie was treated, you need an Nashville injury lawyer to fight for you. Whether its a car wreck, construction injury or work comp claim, insurance companies in Tennessee often play hard-ball, trying to save money on valid claims. If you know of someone who needs help like Debbie did, have them call me or email me.