Deadly car wreck and motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Tennessee

The Tennessean reported today that the more than 300 people have died since January 1 this year on Tennessee roadways. Car wreck fatalities are up more than 13 percent for the same period last year. Prior to this year, the number of deaths from automobile collisions was declining.

The article states that TDOT has identified several trouble spots, dangerous roads, perhaps poorly designed, where collisions happen most often. Moreover, many of these tragic accidents occurred as a result of motorcyclists not wearing helmets and drivers not wearing seatbelts. Helmets and seatbelts are important. Alcohol related collisions are still a problem. However, it is clear that the number of car wrecks and motorcycle injuries would decline if distracted driving decreased and drivers paid more attention to the cars and motorcycles around them.

A driver has a duty to keep his eyes on the road and be aware of what is around him. The law requires a car and motorcycle driver to use due care by taking reasonable steps to avoid a collision. Keeping distractions at a minimum and driving sober are the easiest ways to use due care.

Unfortunately, as a Nashville injury attorney who handles car wreck cases, too often I find negligent drivers avoid their responsibility and deny accountability. I recently had a case where the driver refused to accept responsibility even though his lawyer agreed his client was at fault. When careless drivers refuse to accept accountability, you need an experienced automobile accident attorney. Call me at 615-256-8880. I can help.

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