I Was Injured at a Salon

The salon may not seem like a dangerous setting…until you suffer a serious personal injury at your appointment. Razors, scissors, unsanitary tools, electrical appliances, hot irons, waxes, harsh chemicals, and water leaks are just some of the potential hazards one could encounter at a local salon. If you suffered injuries at a salon in Nashville, you may have a liability claim against the salon owner or another party. You could receive financial compensation for your damages if you take the right steps.

Report Your Injuries

First, report your accident or injuries to the manager on duty. Explain that you suffered an injury while in the salon or in its parking lot. You may have injuries such as burns, lacerations, bacterial infections, skin conditions, permanent hair loss, a neck or back injury, a broken hip, or sprained wrist after a salon accident. It is important to immediately report your injuries to authorities. Not saying anything could make it more difficult to prove how or where your injuries occurred in the future.

If your salon injuries involve a criminal attack, a car accident, or catastrophic injuries, you may want to call the police. Calling 911 can bring a police officer to the salon for a full report and investigation. An officer can interview others who were in the salon, document your injuries, and record your side of the story. You may be able to use a police report later, during a civil lawsuit against the salon.

Document What Happened

Document your salon accident and injuries from the beginning. Take photographs of the salon, the item that caused your injuries, and the injuries themselves. Write down the name of your hair stylist or salon treatment provider. Write a description of the incident as you recall it, complete with the time, date, and location. Keep copies of all medical bills and records. Write down your police report number. Keep all documents and photographs related to your case organized in a folder or binder.

Identify the Cause of Your Injuries

Salon accidents can happen due to employee negligence, lack of proper sanitation procedures, inadequate security, debris on the floor, waxy or greasy floors, poorly designed parking lots, hair wax that is too hot, electrical problems, spills, and other property hazards. It is important to identify who or what caused your injuries, as a first step toward filing a claim. If you are not exactly sure, trust an attorney to investigate for you.

Know Your Rights

Going to the local salon should not end in a severe personal injury. Salon owners must legally maintain a safe premises for guests and customers. This responsibility involves checking for hidden hazards, repairing known property defects, and warning customers of potential risks that may exist, such as a broken salon chair. Failure to fulfill this duty, resulting in guest injuries or deaths, is negligence. Negligence gives the injured person the right to file a civil claim against the at-fault party in Tennessee.

Hire an Attorney

Knowing your rights as someone injured at a salon may take help from a lawyer. An attorney can review your case, examine your injuries, and let you know if you have grounds for a claim against the salon owner, an employee, a product manufacturer, or another party. Partnering with a lawyer can expedite your claim, help you avoid missing an important deadline, and strengthen your case against a negligent salon in Nashville.

You may be able to recover the costs of your accident-related medical bills and lost wages. You could also qualify for compensation for physical pain and suffering or emotional trauma. If you suffered permanent hair loss or scarring, for example, you could seek financial recovery for these conditions. Obtaining compensation for your damages takes winning a claim against the salon’s insurance company – something a lawyer can help you with.