The Law Office of Larry R. Williams PLLC: Who We Are

If you have decided you need to find an attorney, something has happened. You were injured in a car wreck, you want to start a business or you were denied social security disability benefits. What do you do next? Many people do what they always do when they are looking for something: they Google it. But how do you truly know what kind of lawyer you will speak to when you go beyond your Google results and pick up the phone to call a law firm. We have all seen advertisements from big multi-state law firms that tell us to contact them. Many of these firms dump the workload on paralegals and you never know what attorney is actually working for you. You want an attorney that cares not only about your case but about you, that listens to your needs and understand the emotional toll involved when undertaking legal matters.

This is how we are different. Our clients work directly with their lawyer. Our firm is family owned and the family values have carried on into the business. The firm was founded by Larry R. Williams and the legacy of providing trusted legal advice has carried on to his son, Jonathan Williams. We are not your typical ‘big city’ multi-state law firm. We do not want to be. We are attorneys that always answer your call, know your situation and work through your problems. We do not have a call center or someone hundreds of miles away answering our phones. We don’t compete among ourselves, we work together, as a family and a team.

If you are looking for a firm that will take your legal matter seriously but won’t overlook the importance of building a trusting relationship with you, you can call any of our attorneys at Larry R. Williams PLLC at 615-256-8880.