The Most Likely Car Wreck

Statistics have spoken. The most common type of car wreck in Tennessee has the following identifiers:
Who: 21-29 Year Old Driver
When: May to October: Thursday or Friday between 3-5pm
Why: Tailgating or Not Staying In a Lane
Statistically, we are at the start of car crash season. Over 2,500 crashes were reported in May 2015 with the number of car crashes increasing each month until October 2015. This increase in car crashes throughout the summer months is not unique to 2015. Based on statistics from TDOT, it can be expected that the chances of being involved in a car wreck are higher from the months of May through to October.
The biggest cause of these collisions, as reported by TDOT, results from drivers not staying in their own lane or following too closely.
Not surprisingly, the drivers most likely to cause or be involved in these car wrecks are those drivers aged21-29. Some may take offense to the fault of these wrecks being pinned on younger drivers, but can we really argue with statistics?
The day of the week that you are most likely to be involved in a crash is Friday, with Thursday’s not far behind. The most likely time of day that the wreck will occur? According to 2015 TDOT statistics, every county in Tennessee recorded the highest number of car wrecks happening between 3:00-5:00 pm.

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