Meet Our Attorney: Jonathan Williams

Did you know there are over 17,000 active attorneys in Tennessee? 17,000!! Out of all of those attorneys, how do you pick the right one for you? We want to help make this decision easier.


Jonathan white background

Meet Jonathan. He can juggle…and not just multiple cases, he can literally juggle!

Jonathan is the son of Mr. Larry Williams, a trusted, established and prominent attorney in Nashville. It is not surprising that Jonathan is a leading young attorney in Nashville. He grew up watching his father work hard to build the reputable firm of Larry R. Williams, PLLC. His passion for the law was clearly sparked by his father, whom he refers to as the greatest influence in his life. Jonathan has fond memories of watching former clients express gratitude to his father for the help he provided to them. These memories inspired Jonathan to deviate from his childhood dream of becoming a high-school wrestling coach and instead become an attorney.
Jonathan is nice. Not just your typical Southern gentleman nice, but compassionate, thoughtful and caring. When asked about a moment, memory or accomplishment in his legal career that he treasures the most, he gave an answer that reflects his compassionate character. He spoke of a family he helped from a case early in his career that involved a child who died in a car wreck. The case provoked his desire to help improve road safety measures in the area of the accident. His persistence ultimately led to the installation of a guard rail on a state highway throughout Houston County. The injustice that he felt after a child lost his life had such a profound impact on Jonathan that he took it upon himself to not only recover a settlement for his clients but also take steps to prevent future tragedies.
Maybe one day, years from now and after recovering millions of dollars for his clients and their families Jonathan will take time to enjoy the fruits of his labor and accomplish one of his many goals in life: play the Old Course at St. Andrews. Until that day comes he will be carrying on the family legacy as a great attorney at Larry R. Williams, PLLC.