Protecting the Rights of Injured Children: Navigating Personal Injury Cases with Tennessee Code Annotated Section 29-34-105

As personal injury attorneys, we find that cases involving injured children are some of the most emotional and challenging to handle. It takes specialized knowledge and experience to navigate these cases effectively, particularly when negotiating settlements to secure the child’s future needs. Fortunately, Tennessee Code Annotated section 29-34-105 provides protections for injured children and ensures that minors receive fair and reasonable settlements.

When a minor sustains injuries in an accident, their parents or legal guardians will typically file a lawsuit on their behalf. Any settlement or award resulting from a successful case must be approved by a Judge before it can be paid out to the minor. In most cases, the Judge is required to hold an evidentiary hearing to determine whether the settlement is fair and in the best interest of the minor child. Additionally, the Judge will determine whether the use and investment of the settlement funds is the best plan for the child to protect the child’s money.

As Nashville personal injury attorneys, it is our responsibility to ensure that any settlement or award meets the long-term needs of the injured child. This includes not only current medical expenses but also future treatment, rehabilitation, and support, including education, as the child grows.

If your child was injured in any kind of accident, including a motor vehicle collision, it is critical you seek an experienced personal injury attorney who is familiar with Tennessee Code Annotated section 29-34-105. This statute is specifically designed to safeguard the rights of injured children and guarantee fair and reasonable settlements. With the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you can rest assured that your child will receive the compensation they deserve and have their future needs for health, education and welfare adequately addressed.