Successful Outcome: How We Won Benefits for a Young Girl Involved in a Tragic Car Wreck

Our Social Security attorneys are skilled at presenting evidence of your injuries to get you the best result. We have experience working with all types of disability claims and our experience as personal injury attorneys gives us a better understanding of long-term damages that you may experience. A recent case we handled required extensive due diligence and care and our attorney, Ann-Douglas Tycer went the extra mile to ensure her client got the benefits she deserved.
The Story of Our Client
At the time of the accident Ms. Smith was a 21-year-old, hard-working, full-time chef with the whole world at her fingertips. Living life to the fullest and enjoying her early twenties, Ms. Smith’s life seemed to be going as planned. Then one seemingly normal afternoon, Ms. Smith, was involved in car accident, prompted by a sudden drop in her blood sugar onset by a previous diagnosis of diabetes. Ms. Smith lost consciousness at the wheel, causing her vehicle to cross lanes and run upon the median of the interstate. Ms. Smith was then jolted awake, dazed and confused from the impact and attempted to exit her damaged vehicle. Upon exiting, Ms. Smith was then struck by a passing vehicle.
Our Clients Injuries and Disability
Ms. Smith suffered from a broken pelvis, paralysis on her right side which briefly restricted her to a wheelchair and permanently to a cane, limited use of her right hand, brain damage and short-term memory loss. Ms. Smith spent months in and out of hospital and doctor’s offices. Maintaining her position at work became impossible. After realizing her work as a chef was no longer feasible, Ms. Smith decided to file for disability. The impact her accident had on her overall health seemed to undoubtedly qualify her for benefits, despite her young age.
The Social Security Process
Ms. Smith was at first denied, as most Social Security cases are on their first application. However, she did not let that discourage her from fighting the system and getting the help she needed in such a difficult time. Ms. Smith fought for what she deserved and enlisted the help of Social Security Disability Attorney Ann-Douglas Tycer. With the help of doctors and treating physicians, Ann-Douglas Tycer and her team were able to present Ms. Smith’s case in a favorable manner; awarding benefits for the entire 18 months that Ms. Smith was unemployed due to her accident.
A Successful Outcome
Working with Attorney Ann-Douglas Tycer was a game changer for Ms. Smith when filing for disability benefits. Ann’s 26 years of experience helped to ease the daunting feeling of the Social Security Disability process, guiding Ms. Smith through each step with the confidence and experience necessary to win her case. Ann and her team went above and beyond the call of duty to get Ms. Smith‘s claim approved, and they will do the same for you and your case.
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