Summer Heat and Road Trippin’ Safety

Forecasts for continued heat across Middle Tennessee mixed with typical summer storms are the perfect combination to produce hot and sweaty weather over the next week. Tennesseans may have adjusted to this summer weather but with the increase of tourists in our great city of Nashville it may be a good time to set out some reminders of how to stay safe on the roads over these next hot summer days.

  1. Bring your Sunglasses – there is nothing worse than the glaring reflection of the blistering sun causing momentary blindness while you are trying to stay safe on the road. Bring your sunglasses to help with visibility.
  2. Check your engine – we have all experienced the frustration of sitting in traffic jams on the freeway not knowing what the hold up is, only to find out that a car has stalled and blocked an entire lane of traffic. Make sure your engine fluids are topped up to avoid being that person that stops traffic.
  3. Don’t Lock Them In – dogs, children, spouses, friends – if you are running into the store, getting gas or leaving your car for any other reason make sure you take your loved ones with you.
  4. Carpool – less cars on the road = less traffic. If you’re a Nashvillian consider carpooling. With an increase of tourists into our city using our roads, carpooling can reduce traffic and less traffic on the road means fewer chances for car wrecks.
  5. Move over – we’ve blogged in the past on the importance of slowing down and moving over for construction workers and emergency personnel. With the warmer weather, construction crews are working harder to get those road improvement projects out of the way. If you see a construction or accident site, obey the speed limits and move over to the far lane.

For more tips on what not to do during this week’s heat wave, check this link out. From your Nashville personal injury attorneys, stay safe this summer! Authentic Attorneys. Trusted Tradition. Real Relationships. Larry R. Williams Attorneys at Law, PLLC.

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