Tips for Staying Visible While Cycling

If you or a loved one enjoy riding your bicycles regularly, then you know that they can be a fun, healthy, and environmentally-friendly form of transportation. However, bicyclists face more risks that others on the roadway. In an accident, riders can sustain serious injuries.

That is why it is so important for a bicyclist to follow the bike laws and stay visible when they are riding, regardless of what time of day it is. There are several things that a bicyclist can do to make sure they stand out on the roadway. If you were involved in a bicycle crash in Tennessee, reach out to our expert injury attorneys in Nashville.

Tennessee bicycle accident statistics

When discussing bicycle safety, it is important to look at bicycle accident statistics. In Tennessee, there were 378 total bicycle crashes across the state during the latest reporting year. Out of those crashes, eight people killed and 345 people were injured.

When you look at those statistics, you can see that a high percentage of those involved in bicycle crashes are injured. It is not uncommon for a cyclist to sustain the following injuries in a bicycle accident:

  • Broken and dislocated bones
  • Severe lacerations
  • Internal organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Concussions

These injuries can lead to major medical expenses. In many cases, a bicyclist is temporarily or permanently disabled and unable to work. This can put victims and their families in financial jeopardy.

The keys for staying visible while cycling

Following the following steps and help keep you visible when cycling:

  • Dress to be seen – You should always wear bright fluorescent colors when riding. This can include lime green, neon yellow, hot pink, bright orange, etc. At night, a brightly colored jacket with reflectors will help make a cyclist much more visible. Wearing blue, green, brown, or white will make you blend into the landscape more easily.
  • Reflectors and reflective stickers – You can purchase reflectors and reflective stickers for your bike at a low price from most major retailers. These are necessary if you are out riding after dusk or before dawn. You can put reflectors on your bike, clothing, or other gear. Putting reflectors on moving parts of the bike will increase visibility.
  • Proper lighting – Adding lights to your bicycle will really help others see you at night. A flashing front and rear light will help other drivers and cyclists see you. You can also put lights on your tires for extra visibility.
  • Follow traffic laws and ride predictably – You should always follow all traffic laws when riding and ride in a predictable way. Do not dart out into traffic or make sudden and unexpected turns. Point in the direction you are going (many drivers do not know traditional turn signs).
  • Get familiar with your route – If you want to ride at night, try going over the route a few times during the day. That way you will learn all the turns and stops. You will even learn where potential hazards are located.
  • Make eye contact – Bike riders are often invisible to drivers, even when the driver sees them. This can sound confusing, but it means that drivers tend to ignore bicyclists. Make eye contact with other drivers. If they look at you, it means they see you. If they do not make eye contact, they very well might not see you.
  • Never assume a driver sees you – Even if you are dressed brightly, have reflectors, and have lights, never assume a driver sees you. Be careful out there!

Contact a Bike Accident Attorney

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