Top 3 Most Memorable Law Firm Ads

We searched the internet to find the most memorable law firm advertisements out there. Here is what we found:

“Talons of Justice”. This compilation video by CNN of the now famous (thanks to social media) ad campaign pays tribute to the evolution of The Texas Law Hawk and the unforgettable screech. With over 1,000,000 views of these commercials online this ad has gone viral and has even caught the attention of one unusual partner in marketing – Taco Bell.

“Don’t Eat your Weed”. A playful marketing campaign by a Texas Law Firm that uses music to urge potential clients to obey the law. By using witty lyrics such as “as the officer approaches – you try to eat your roaches”, the firm not only provides broad legal advice but treats their listeners with a catchy song while doing it. With changes to Tennessee state laws on marijuana on the horizon we wonder if any criminal law firms in Music City will use this approach.

“Out-House Counsel”. What an interesting slogan. This firm uses play on words to grab the attention of consumers. Although clever, this pun is just teeing it up for any potentially disgruntled client wanting to take a swing at the quality of services rendered. The branding for this firm gets even better with the slogan “We’ll do the sh*t work”.

It may not be as creative or garner as much attention, but at Larry R. Williams, PLLC we like to keep our branding simple and sincere. Trusted Tradition. Authentic Attorneys. Real Relationships.