Top Mistakes Tourists Make After Being Injured in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee is a worldwide tourist destination, offering sights and experiences such as live country music, shopping, and celebrity encounters. In 2017, Nashville’s tourism industry broke its record for annual visitors with a whopping 14.5 million people. Unfortunately, not all Nashville vacations end well for tourists. If you or a family member suffers an injury as a tourist here, there are things you should do to protect your rights – and things you shouldn’t do. Avoid these top mistakes after your accident for the best possible case outcomes.

Delaying Medical Care

You might not be familiar with the local emergency rooms and hospitals in Nashville, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until you’re back home to see a doctor. Immediate medical attention for injuries is a must to protect your rights as an accident victim. Delaying medical care can signal to insurance companies that your injuries weren’t very serious – or that they didn’t happen when, where, and how you say they did.

Go to Nashville General Hospital on Albion Street or a local physician’s office for treatment as soon as you possibly can after an injury. Explain what happened, get a diagnosis, and keep copies of your medical records and treatment plan. The sooner you take care of your personal health, the better – for your health and the outcome of your personal injury claim.

Failing to Notify Authorities

Injuries on vacation can be frightening. Contacting the right authorities can help you feel safe and protected. You must legally call 911 and report a car accident in Tennessee if it caused injuries, deaths, or more than $50 worth of property damage. After other types of accidents, such as slip and falls in a souvenir shop, notify the manager or supervisor of what happened. Always report your incident to the proper authorities, getting the name of who you told and recording how that person reacted. Telling someone else about your accident will help you refute allegations that you’re making the accident or injuries up.

Forgetting to Record the Incident

Don’t rely solely on your memory for details about how and why your accident happened. Record as much information as you can immediately after the incident, while the facts are still fresh in your mind. Write down where you were, what happened, who was there, if there were any witnesses, and if you suffered any injuries. Take photographs of the scene of the incident and your injuries, if possible. Creating a detailed account of your incident can help you litigate your case in the future.

Not Learning the Laws in Tennessee

If your accident happens in Tennessee, you will base your claim out of Tennessee – not your hometown in another state. You must understand and follow Tennessee law in terms of reporting your accident and filing your injury claim. For example, Tennessee has a shorter statute of limitations, or deadline for filing a claim, than most other states. You have just one year from the date of your Nashville accident to file your claim with the civil courts. State-specific laws regarding property ownership, dog bites, fault laws, and more may affect claims. Work with a local Tennessee attorney to get inside information about the state’s personal injury laws.

Deciding Against Hiring an Attorney

Again, a Tennessee personal injury attorney can help with your Nashville accident claim as a visitor or tourist. An attorney can help you pay for your medical bills, report your accident on time, and file your claim with the correct civil courts. A lawyer can also negotiate your case to make sure insurance companies and other parties don’t take advantage of you and offer less than your case is worth. Consult with a lawyer as soon as possible after suffering any type of injury while vacationing in Nashville.