What To Expect At A Personal Injury Trial

If you have been injured due to the careless or negligent actions of another person, there are various routes to take in order to secure the compensation you need for damages. While the vast majority of personal injury claims are settled through insurance carriers or negotiations with the at-fault party’s attorneys, there are times when a case needs to go to trial. When this happens, injury victims will undoubtedly want to understand the trial process. A skilled Nashville, TN personal injury lawyer will thoroughly review this process with their client so there are no surprises.

You already have a good idea of the information

By the time a case is ready to go to trial, a personal injury victim will already have a fairly good understanding of the facts of the case. Before a trial can even happen, both sides in the case will go through what is known as the “discovery” process. This is when the plaintiff and the defendants exchange all of the evidence they have related to the case. There will likely be depositions taken from all parties involved and your attorney will prepare you for questioning from the opposing side’s legal team.

When you have a skilled Tennessee personal injury attorney by your side, you can be sure that you will not show up in court unprepared. In many cases, negotiations are ongoing, even during the discovery phase of the case. A settlement may very well occur once both sides have all of the evidence.

Selecting a jury for your case

When a trial is set to proceed, legal representatives from both sides must select a jury. Both sides will have an opportunity to question potential jurors about their biases concerning the particular case. Attorneys from both sides have the opportunity to dismiss potential jurors in a case. Jury selection is an incredibly important process for a personal injury trial and may be what determines success in the case.

The courtroom

After a jury is selected, the case will proceed to opening statements from both attorneys. They will lay out the facts of the case and discuss what they intend to prove. During the case, attorneys from both sides will be able to present evidence to the jury. They will also be able to call witnesses. Attorneys for the plaintiff and the defendant both have an opportunity to discuss evidence and question witnesses. After all of the evidence is presented and all the witnesses have been called and questioned, attorneys from both sides will present closing remarks in an attempt to bolster their case in the eyes of the jury.

The verdict

After closing remarks, jurors will be instructed to deliberate the case. There must be a consensus among the jurors for one conclusion or another. After a jury reaches a consensus, they will return to the courtroom and render their verdict on behalf of the plaintiff. If they agreed with the plaintiff’s case, they will award damages based on their assessment of what they think the plaintiff should recover for their injuries. If they agree with the defendant’s arguments, then the plaintiff will receive no damages for their injuries.

Secure a skilled attorney to help with your case

The personal injury case process can be incredibly complex. It is vital that you speak to a skilled Tennessee personal injury attorney soon after you are injured. A personal injury attorney will handle every aspect of the case from the very beginning so you do not have to. In most cases, personal injury claims are taken on a contingency fee basis by the attorney. This means that you will not pay any legal fees unless you successfully recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.