Where do I apply for Social Security Benefits in Tennessee?

Our Nashville Social Security Benefits attorney Wayne Crim is often asked, “Where do I apply for benefits?” Applying for disability benefits is a lot like filling out an application, at least at the initial stage. You can file in person at your local social security office, over the phone or online here.

It is probably best to apply in person. That way you know the disability application is done correctly. You can find your local SSA office here.

You may not want to apply online. Unfortunately, there are some internet scam “pop-ups” that can get in the way of an online application. Those scams are attorneys in other states fishing for clients. I have heard bad stories about contacting those “pop-up” companies.

Do not be discouraged if you get denied the first time. Most people do! At that time, you need a good Social Security Disability lawyer to fight for your benefits. Our Tennessee disability lawyers have helped thousands through the process. Click here for a nice overview of the disability appeal process.

If you get denied Social Security, you need to act fast. The time to request a reconsideration of the denial for Social Security is 60 days from the date you were informed of the denial. You can find this date at the top of your letter.

Many times the government has not found all of your medical evidence or talked to all the doctors at the initial stage. When we take a case, we work hard to make sure to Social Security Administration has all of the information they need about your case. We get the records, talk to your doctors, get the questionnaires we need to win your case and push the case to a resolution as fast as possible. Some cases can be won without a hearing, once you have the right evidence.

You can read more about the disability application process on our blog here. If you have been denied Social Security benefits and need a hard working Nashville disability lawyer on your side, call Wayne Crim today at 615-256-8880. The consultation is free. We can come to you. And, we do not get paid unless you collect your benefits.