Why do I need a Nashville injury attorney?

“I was seriously injured in a Nashville motorcycle wreck. Why should I hire an injury attorney?”

If you are asking yourself this question, you are not alone. Many people think, I am not the “suing type” or “I will wait to see what the offer is first.” However, if you or your family member has been injured as a result of someone’s carelessness, there are several reasons why you should hire an aggressive injury attorney.Thumbnail image for autoaccident_m_02.jpg

1. Preservation of evidence. The biggest problem I run into in cases is procrastination in hiring an attorney who knows how to preserve and then aggressively pursue a claim. That is what I do. I get pictures of the car or motorcycle before the insurance company destroys it (and they do….quickly). I go meet the witnesses, myself. I get their statements, myself. I personally visit the scene to get a feel for what happened. I meet your doctors so I know what you are dealing with. It’s too late to do these things at the end.

2. I work for you with the insurance companies. You can heal without worrying about forms, statements and insurance companies. That is my job. They have lawyers working to minimize your claim. You need a lawyer to work for you.

3. Medical bills. They pile up, even if you have insurance. I work with clinics, hospitals and health insurance companies all over Nashville, Franklin and Middle Tennessee to make sure you can get the treatment you need and not worry about medical bills.

4. I send a message for you of accountability. In a deposition, I always ask “Do you accept responsibility for the harm you caused my client.” If the answer is “no” the jury will know they refuse to be held accountable for causing the harm and react as appropriate.

5. I don’t always have to sue. Most cases are settled for a fair amount without the time and expense of a lawsuit. That only happens because the insurance companies know I am always ready to take your case to court.

6. You only pay me if you collect. I advance the expenses necessary to pursue the claim. I don’t charge for my time so we can meet and talk about your case as much as you like. I can work on your case as long as it takes. I only get paid if I recover money for you.

If you have been seriously injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness, call me, for a free consultation. Jonathan Williams at 615-256-88880 or send me an email at jonathan@lrwlawfirm.com.