Car Accessories to Help Your Teen Drive More Safely

Teen drivers face many significant risks on the road. A teenager who just earned his or her driver’s license may be eager to enjoy his or her newfound freedom and hit the road as soon as possible, but new drivers face one of the highest rates of serious accidents. Parents may feel nervous at the thought of a teenager driving unsupervised for the first time, and there are a few car accessories they may want to purchase for additional peace of mind.

  1. Roadside Emergency Kit

Many vehicle manufacturers include these kits with new vehicle purchases, but they may only contain a few basic supplies for use in an emergency. Countless emergency roadside kits are available, and most cost less than $50. The typical one will contain a first aid kit, jumper cables, a high-quality towing cable, a multi-tool, flares, road warning signs, and a magnesium fire starter. More expensive kits may contain higher quality materials and even more safety devices. These kits help tremendously in the event of an accident to keep teen drivers safe until help arrives.

  1. Smartphone Mount for the Dashboard

Most teens have their own smartphones, and phones are one of the most common causes of distracted driving accidents throughout the country. Teens are more likely to use cell phones behind the wheel than older drivers, and a smartphone mount can help build safer habits early in a teen’s driving career. A smartphone mount will prevent your teen from fumbling with a phone or trying to fish it out of a pocket or purse while driving. Some modern vehicles come enabled with Bluetooth to allow easy pairing and hands-free use of many smartphones. Parents should make it a priority to discuss distracted driving and acceptable smartphone use with their teens.

  1. Emergency Escape Tool

Many situations exist where a teen may need to escape a vehicle quickly after a car accident, such as a rollover or a car fire. An emergency escape tool resembles a hammer, but it contains several potentially life-saving features in a single device. An emergency escape tool typically costs around $30 and includes a blade for cutting off a stuck seatbelt and a puncturing metal knob to easily break a vehicle’s windows and escape. Your teen should keep this device in the glove compartment for easy access from the driver’s seat in the event of a crash.

  1. Disposable Camera

Although most drivers carry smartphones equipped with high-definition cameras, these devices only work if the phone is undamaged and has sufficient battery life remaining. In an accident, the force of impact may destroy or damage a driver’s phone, leaving him or her with no way of taking pictures of the accident scene for insurance purposes. A disposable camera is perfect for these situations and will allow your teen driver to take pictures immediately after an accident, and those pictures can go a long way toward a future insurance claim or lawsuit against a negligent driver.

  1. Organizational Tools

Most teens are messy, but this does not mean their vehicles need to be messy as well. Compact trash cans can help your teen driver and his or her passengers manage fast food wrappers and empty beverage containers. You may also want to purchase a trunk organizer if your teen participates in extracurricular activities, sports, or has a part-time job. A cleaner car means less chance of trash building up around the driver’s seat or becoming a distraction.

These are just a few things a parent can buy to encourage a teen to drive more safely. It’s crucial for parents to temper their teen drivers’ excitement with realistic safety advice. Starting good habits early in a driving career is a great way to minimize the chances of accidents in the future.