Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Nashville injury and business law firm of Larry R. Williams, PLLC. We all know that there will be more cars on the road this weekend than any other time of the year. DUI car wrecks and distracted driving incidents spike every year around Thanksgiving. So be safe, stay alert, watch out for other drivers and wear your seat belt.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Office has started a new campaign this holiday season to prevent drunk and distracted driving in Tennessee. It’s called CoMet for Combined Message Enforcement for Tennessee and this new strategy is designed to stop and arrest impaired drivers.

Rather than the typical message campaigns, law enforcement will be out in force during the holiday. There will be additional signage, sobriety check points and saturation zones where there a lot of cops in one area patrolling Tennessee highways.

The Cookeville newspaper The Herald-Citizen reports on this new campaign and you can read their story here.

Stay safe.