Nashville car accidents may cause serious knee injuries

Victims of careless drivers in Nashville sometimes have knee injuries from a car wreck or motorcycle wreck. The injuries can include broken bones, torn knee ligaments and may even lead to a total knee replacement. As experienced Nashville car accident attorneys, we know how to show the real damage done.

In a recent Nashville motorcycle wreck case I handled, the knee injury was severe. There were several broken bones. My job was to show the claims adjuster and ultimately the jury the actual injury so that that they could see how severe the injury was. Obviously we can’t see the inside of his knee. Jurors are not radiologists so the X-rays were not too helpful by themselves. The doctor testifying that there was a “broken knee” doesn’t paint the picture too well either.

So I hired a medical illustrator that I have used in many cases to color in the X-rays so that everyone could see what actually happened. In the Nashville motorcycle crash case, we showed the illustration to the doctor who said it was accurate and testified that this is what the injury looked like. Remember, this is done from the actual X-ray films.

We also had the illustrator draw the surgical procedure done to fix the broken knee bones and another drawing showing the actual plates and screws in the knee. This let everyone involved in the case see what the careless driver did to the client and what was done to fix the injury. This is an expensive endeavor and not appropriate for every case. But in my opinion, in this case, it added thousands of dollars to the claim.

I have uploaded the broken knee illustration below and I have removed the patient’s name.

You will agree that this is an extremely useful and persuasive tool to have when demonstrating the significance of a knee injury. If you have been seriously injured in a Nashville car wreck or motorcycle crash, our Nashville motorcycle accident lawyers can get your Xrays, talk to your doctor and our medical illustrator to make compelling visual of your injuries that a claims adjuster or jury cannot ignore.
Broken knee.JPG