Who is Liable Semi-Truck Tire Blowout That Causes An Accident?

Admit it. You have thought about what would happen if one of those big tires blew out on a semi-truck when you are driving down the highway. We have all probably thought about what would happen if a semi-truck tire blows out.

After all, the roadways in Tennessee are often littered with scrapped tires that have flown off of commercial trucks. What most people do not realize is that a semi-truck tire blowout can result in severe injuries for those around the incident.

Not only can a tire blowout cause a truck driver to lose control, but the tires themselves can cause severe accidents if they strike a vehicle. If you were in an accident caused by truck tire blowout, contact our Tennessee truck accident lawyers today.

Here, we want to discuss who is liable for a crash caused by a semi-truck tire blowout in Tennessee.

Causes of truck tire blowouts

Tire blowouts on large trucks happen regularly and have numerous causes. Typically, we find that tire blowouts are likely to occur in the spring and summer months as the temperature heats up and when motorists are driving the farthest in these heavy vehicles.

Hotter pavement and more miles being driven is simply a recipe for a tire blowout.

However, there are a few other top causes of tire blowouts, including:

  • Underinflation – Adequate air pressure ensures that the tire can carry the weight of the truck and the cargo. If a tire is underinflated, the internal components of the tire will flex beyond their designed capacity. This will cause the tire to eventually fail and blowout.
  • Overloading – Even properly inflated tires cannot handle an overloaded truck trailer for long periods of time. Large commercial trucks have weight capacities that need to be adhered to.
  • Potholes – When a truck drives over potholes, the impact will pinch the internal components of the tire between the wheel and the pothole. Striking a pothole hard enough can cause cuts in the rubber in an eventual blowout.
  • A “slow death” – Failing to properly maintain truck tires can also cause a blowout. This can include failing to replace the tires as they wear out or putting off necessary repairs.

Who is liable for a truck tire blowout?

There may be various parties that could be held liable in the event a tire blowout causes severe accidents and injuries. In general, the liability falls onto the truck owner or the manufacturer of the tire.

Truck drivers and truck owner/operators are held to very high standards of care. They must ensure that their vehicles are properly inspected and maintained so that they operate safely on the roadway.

If a truck company fails to adequately maintain their fleet, including regularly checking the tires, they can be held liable if a tire blowout occurs and causes harm to others.

There are also times when defective tires end up on large trucks in Tennessee. A defective tire can occur in a variety of ways, including:

  • A design defect in the tire itself
  • The tire becoming defective during the manufacturing process
  • The failure of the manufacturer to warn users of the dangers of the tire

An example of a defective tire would be one in which the design of the tire itself causes the treads to separate too easily or before the life of the tire is expected to expire. This could expose the inner wall of the tire to punctures that could lead to blowouts.

However, even well-designed tires could sustain damage or be altered during the manufacturing process. If a tire leaves the manufacturing facility with a small hole that nobody noticed, this could lead to a severe blowout.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by a truck tire blowout, you need to seek assistance from a skilled attorney as soon as possible. A Nashville accident lawyer will investigate every aspect of the tire blowout claim, gather evidence to prove liability, and help you obtain maximum compensation for your losses.