Superbowl Sunday + Valentine’s Day: 2 Common Days for Car Wrecks in Nashville

Did you know that there is a measurable increase in car accidents on Superbowl Sunday? This may seem to be common sense: more people out, more people drinking and all that frenzied excitement from a good game. But I bet you didn’t know that along with Superbowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day ranks as one of the top days for increased automobile collisions. Those long lost or lonely lovers must have nothing to do but go out on the roadways to cause mayhem. So what is the connection between these two days that could cause such an increase? Alcohol. A great article on Forbes made this connection and cited that according to BACtrack (a company that makes Smartphone enabled breathalyzers), alcohol consumption then driving notably increases on these days.

Luckily for superfans and lonely lovers there is an increase in designated driving alternatives to help us all stay safe on the road. Uber and MADD have a partnership that encourages the use of the ride share company during these known times for alcohol consumption. Last year, Uber donated $1 to MADD for every rider that used its services after the Superbowl game. Hopefully by this time next year Nashville’s community transit solution “Moving Forward” will also be taking shape and providing even more alternatives for Nashvillians to stay safe on the road.

During this peak time for accidents don’t become a statistic – use a designated driver. From all of us at LRW Law Office, your Nashville personal injury attorneys.

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