Are Uber Rides Uber Safe?

Over 15% of Americans have now experienced Uber, the car-sharing company that has been around for 6 years. As personal injury attorneys we have experience representing both drivers and passengers involved in Uber car wrecks. However, based on recent studies, Uber is a bittersweet reality for personal injury attorneys. It seems that Uber has actually decreased the risk of getting into a car wreck.

Analyzing data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System, it has been determined that Uber is responsible for a 16.6 percent decline in vehicular fatalities each year. Further, based on FBI data the frequency of DUIs has decreased by anywhere from 15 to 62 percent per year, depending on the city.

If there is an Uber accident, whether you are a driver or passenger, Uber has safety measures and policies in place to ensure adequate coverage. In the past, many insurance companies did not cover an Uber driver for “ride-hailing” accidents, meaning that if you were an Uber driver involved in an accident with a rider your insurance company may have declined coverage. However as of 2015 Uber has changed its policies to ensure both drivers and passengers are insured while using the program. From this it seems that Uber has provided insurance companies with another way to pass the buck or decline coverage for those injured in car wrecks.

If you are in an Uber car wreck figuring out which insurance company to report an Uber car wreck to or fighting between the insurance giants as to which company will pay should never be a burden that you should bear. Whether you are an Uber driver or rider, let us use our experience dealing with Uber, Lyft or Taxi wrecks and take on the insurance companies for you.

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