What are Common Delayed Symptoms After a Car Accident?

Nobody ever wants to get into a car crash, but we know they are a reality. During the latest reporting year in Tennessee, there was more than 67,000 vehicle crash injuries and 1,063 fatalities. While the vast majority of crashes are considered “property damage only,” there are many others in which people do not realize they are injured right away.

Why wouldn’t someone know they are injured after a crash?

There are many injuries that are immediately apparent after a crash occurs. In those cases, it is important to get EMS to the scene or to go to the ER as soon as possible. Many times, though, a person does not develop injury symptoms until hours or even days after a crash takes place. When a crash happens, even a minor one, our adrenaline starts pumping. This can effectively dull any pain we feel or even block it out altogether. When that adrenaline subsides, the pain often becomes noticeable.

Some of the most common delayed crash injuries include:

Back and Neck Pain – this is one of the most common injuries after a crash. Our bodies often experience a whiplash effect as a result of a crash that can affect the discs between our vertebras as well as the ligaments and muscles in our back and neck.

Stomach Pain – this can be a sign of serious internal injuries as a result of the crash. We cannot see when our insides are hurt or bleeding and pain is a sure sign that something is wrong and that emergency care is needed.

Headache – if you experience a headache after a car crash, you should take it seriously. While it could be the result of neck tendons and muscles being pulled, it could also be the sign of a more serious traumatic brain injury. There have been plenty of cases in which an accident victim seems fine after a crash only to collapse later due to a brain bleed or brain swelling over time.

Chest Pain – this is often the result of our bodies being restrained by the seatbelt or from slamming into the steering wheel/dashboard. This can cause injuries to our ribs, sternum, and internal organs.

Emotional and Psychological Trauma – emotional injuries are common after a vehicle accident, especially one with serious injuries. Post-traumatic stress disorder can show up any time after an accident, even weeks or months later after our brains begin to process what has happened. If you have suffered from serious injuries, disabilities, or disfigurement as a result of the crash injuries, your emotional and psychological trauma could be much worse.

Seek medical treatment after a crash

Even if your injuries are minor of you do not have any pain, it is always a good idea to seek medical treatment. Let a doctor diagnose you and determine the extent of your injuries. If you decided not to seek treatment after an accident (not recommended), please do so if you begin to experience any pain. Not only is medical treatment the right thing to do for your health, but it will help you when it is time to get compensation for the crash. By establishing a link between the crash and your injuries through prompt medical care, you are making it tougher for the insurance companies to deny an injury claim.

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