What Should I Do After a Construction Zone Car Accident in Tennessee?

Construction zones are often chaotic, and most drivers understand that they need to operate carefully in and around any construction zone near the roadway. There are various situations that can arise that lead to a high risk of crashes occurring in a construction zone.

This can include lanes that are closed off, unexpected traffic direction changes, bumps in the roadway, and more. Additionally, the actions of other drivers in and around construction zones can increase the risk of a collision occurring.

Here, we want to discuss what you should do if you have been involved in a construction zone car accident in Tennessee. There are various steps you can take to protect yourself and secure any conversation you may be entitled to.

What to do following a construction zone vehicle accident in Tennessee

If you have been involved in a construction site accident, there are various steps you can take to ensure that you act in your best interests. This includes:

  • Seeking medical care as soon as possible to ensure your well-being while also establishing a link between the incident and your injuries.
  • Calling 911 to report the accident so police can get to the scene and conduct a preliminary investigation into the incident.
  • Gathering the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses to the incident.
  • Using a phone or other device to take photographs of the crash, including property damage, causes of the crash, construction zone signage, temporary roadway markings, and more.
  • Speaking to a skilled Tennessee car accident lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney will have the resources and legal experience necessary to conduct a full investigation into the incident to determine liability.

Liability issues in construction zone accidents in Tennessee

There may be various parties that could be held liable in the aftermath of a construction zone accident. This could include construction companies, government authorities, contractors or subcontractors, or other drivers on the roadway.

A construction company or government authority may be deemed liable for an accident that occurs in a work zone under some of the following circumstances:

  • They failed to alert drivers by using adequate warning signs
  • They left equipment in the roadway where it created hazardous conditions for drivers
  • They failed to guide traffic when necessary
  • They neglected to properly mark off dangerous areas, such as holes in the road or unexpected rises or falls in the pavement
  • They did not properly mark temporary lanes for drivers to follow

Unfortunately, construction zone areas often require sudden detours or merging, which can result in chain-reaction collisions that involve multiple vehicles. Liability in the aftermath of a chain-reaction crash can be very difficult to determine. It could be the case that a construction company and other drivers share liability for these incidents.

Other drivers could be liable and in construction zone crash under the following circumstances:

  • They were distracted by their phones or other devices while driving
  • They were impaired by alcohol or drugs behind the wheel
  • They failed to follow proper traffic laws, including adequate signage at the construction zone
  • They were speeding through the construction zone